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Some Thoughts on Dark Matters

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So I was reading an article in the Scientific American website that tells us that Dark Matter is one of those things modern Science is really far from completely understanding. The article says that although Dark Matter makes up the majority of the Universe, we only know it is there, because of its gravitational influence on the rest of the cosmos.

My interest in the article, however, became somewhat more personal when I noticed the comment section. Apparently, a few people. had taken it upon themselves to point out that Dark Matter is actually a manifestation of human consciousness. Here is what they said:

Dark Matter is the manifestation within our consciousness of the darkness within our hearts

Of course, the comment could have been a joke. One can hope.

It seems like every time we run across some sort of barrier to our our understanding, someone has the need to fill in the gaps with creative storytelling. We all do it, though. When we worry about something, it is often because of what we imagine will happen if we don’t. It is because we do not have enough information, so we imagine things to make us feel better about the lack of information. The same holds true about our daydreams. As long as they remain as dreams, they are merely a convenient way to avoid interacting with a universe filled with Dark Matter, and other Weird stuff we do not understand. I am not against daydreaming, as long as we know that failing to act on it renders it in to a very cool form of entertainment.

According to the article, it may be 10 years until we figure out what a whopping 96% of the universe actually is, but in the mean time, we should get used to dealing with imaginative “revealed” explanations. Maybe, however, Some of us can choose to embrace the beautiful uncertainty and mystery of the world around us. I, for once, will gladly wait 10 years to Know what dark matter really is.

The imageon this article is in the public domain

Written by Hector

July 12, 2010 at 11:10 pm

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