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I’ve spent the past few months redefining my blog, as well as what it is all about. Stay tuned for new updates, and awesome new content.

The main change in this blog, is that the category system will be put to better use by clearly defining the categories I’ve chosen to represent. This post, for example, falls under the “meta” category, since it deals with the blog itself. Other categories will include essays, reviews, books, videos, web comics, art, and photography.

I am very exited to be working on a companion site for the blog, where you will be able to see some more of my artwork, comics, and where a new podcast will be hosted. I’m planing for the podcast to be some times in English, and some times in Spanish, but either way, the episodes will be clearly marked so that you may choose your preferred language.

Thank you!


Written by Hector

January 16, 2010 at 3:25 pm

Posted in Meta

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