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There is an amazing quality to the texture of life that comes to us only when we engage it fully and without any reservations. Sometimes, I forget about this vibrancy and attempt to save my moments for the future forgetting that tomorrow will come anyway.

Making a list of the things I love has made it easier to reclaim my attention when I’m lost. My list is not a mission statement, or a goal log. It is just a reminder that unprocessed food tastes better, and that exercise is more than becoming a mouse on a treadmill. It is a reminder to love my wife, and friends. To make space for comic books, walks, and folk music. It tells me that it is okay to mix them all, and that work is a place to do my best, and an opporunity to be of service. It keeps me honest, and it points the way home. Maybe I should call it a map. It has saved me many times, and it always points the way to the sweet little blue bird. Maybe, it is a song, and my job is to sing it until I die. It is the stuff that turns a wasted piece of organic matter in to life.

I’d like to invite you to think of your own list and to recover the territory that you might have lost to that which isn’t you. Have a nice day.


Written by Hector

April 17, 2009 at 10:53 pm

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