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Mental Buffer

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It seems to me like every one of us has a mental buffer. For creative people it may seem like a frustrating rash of uninspired dribble. For the past few months, I’ve felt like I had nothing meaningful to say. Every time I thought of something I wanted to write, my brain would manage to forget it in seconds. I could not remain focused on my writing for long periods of time. Later I noticed that whenever I sat to write, I’d end up journaling about the things that I had to do or wanted to do. I finally surrendered to the impulse, and realized that I was just trying to organize my real life before delving in to my creative one.

It is important that creative people learn to face their problems creatively. Writing and drawing mind maps seems to help me a great deal. I can’t pretend to write a novel if I’m worried about other things.

I’m not saying to obsess about things outside of our control, but to find out what is within our power and to develop an action plan to do accomplish what we need. A plan that includes writing, dancing, painting, or quilting.

In the neurological model where the self is a bunch of synapses or agents fighting for attention, this idea makes a lot of sense, since it honors the part of the self that is looking for a solution.

People could put their creative energies to good use by doing some housekeeping and by clearing their mental buffer by putting their concerns on paper, so that they can be clearly seen, rather than as clouds in the wind.


Written by Hector

February 26, 2009 at 12:41 pm

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