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I found this blog while I was browsing my local bookstore. I ran across its companion book. I usually ignore books about “amazing animals” because they strike me as cheesy and obsessive. I am a big fan of animals who outsmart humans consistently. Ravens, crows, and wild squirrels fascinate me. They are the beings who have managed to somehow share the planet with us, and who, rather than surrendering to the onslaught of domestication, have managed to thrive despite our bumbling relationship with the universe. I admire cockroaches, rats, and pigeons–though I do not allow them in my home. There is something fascinating about the wilderness within the tame.

Coyotes and crows are my favorite animals, however, so naturally  I was instantly interested in a book about a Coyote named Charlie.  

To me, Charlie’s story is about living with these smart animals as equals. I think most people can’t grasp the idea that nothing is really yours while you live. We love to say “my dog,” “my wife,” with the implication of ownership. This book teaches about partnership. It reminds us where our long relationship with our canine brothers and sisters began. We “own” dogs because it is nice to have a friend, but at one point these dogs kept us alive and worked with us. They were not commodities or pets–I despise that therm–but partners.

I am never going to aspire to “own” a wild animal, but this book teaches that even a tame dog is meant to be cherished and respected, at least in memory of what they have done for us. We do not own these creatures, and they are not accessories to be spoiled. They are our evolutionary partners. We are what we are partially because of them.

I am not going to go in to detail about this finding, because you can read the blog or buy the book. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the add about “animal communication,” but I’m not sure that the author had control over that.

Daily Coyote is about developing a sense of love and understanding for the Earth as it is, rather than exercising dominion over it. You should check out the blog and buy the book. 


Written by Hector

December 12, 2008 at 3:59 pm

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