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To be honest, my day was clouded by two things, one was the distance from my family and the other my concern for the people in India who were affected by the terrorist attacks of a few days ago. Normally, I’d pass the tragedy up as another one of those distant things, but as it turns out, my circle of friends has widened enough to include people from the area. They are fine, since they no longer live there. Their families are also well. I find reassurance in both kinds of sadness, however, because that means that my ability to love still remains with my loved ones, but it has also expanded far enough to cause me pain when things like this happen so far away. I am more involved with the world. It breaks my heart that there are people so willing and ready to cause harm. 

I spent the day with my wife’s family, another group of people I have learned to love. I ate turkey and pecan pie. I played with the kids, and talked to my best friend from back home. I watched more TV than I ever do all year. At one point, I slipped outside and in to the farmland. I took some pictures, and they reminded me that the Winter and Fall are a fact of Spring and Summer. The pictures reflected my mood. Wheels, dry leafs, old things, and their beauty. It was all there. Enjoy!

It is my hope that you too had many things to be grateful for today.


Written by Hector

November 28, 2008 at 2:14 am

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