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Green Tea

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I ran out of green tea this weekend. I didn’t realize how addicted I am to the delicious brew, until I drove all the way to the mall just to get a few ounces of sencha. don’t take me wrong, I have plenty of tea at home, but the only green I have left is in bags, and I can taste the paper when I make it that way. 

Apparently, green tea is also better for you: 

 the difference is in the processing. Green tea is dried, but not fermented. The shorter processing gives green tea a lighter flavour than black tea. It also helps keep all the beneficial chemicals intact, which is why green tea is so good for you. (from

I don’t now if I’ve become a snob, but I now depend as much on the awesome jade goodness as I once depended on coffee. I spent many years trying to beat the coffee demons in order to switch to the emerald beauty, but I couldn’t. I knew that green tea was like the green hornet of my immune system, but I was used to finding the bitter low quality stuff you can find at most supermarkets, and i couldn’t stomach it. It wasn’t until later, and after I gave up coffee in favor of black tea, that I discovered Matcha in my smoothies, and fell in love with the aftertaste of happiness it left in my olfactory system. 

Eventually, I discovered the Japanese teas, and switching was no longer a matter of healthy obligation, but of deep pleasure and enjoyment. Why have anything else when the delicious green fields of the gods awaited me every morning? 

I know. I exaggerate, but I was having fun with the hyperbole. In truth though, I wouldn’t drink anything else in the morning, and it has to do a lot more with finding something I really love than with the fact that it is good good for me. I think people change their bad habits only when the better ones provide more enjoyment than the old ones, or when the old ones hurt too much. In my quest to be healthier, I’ll try to look for enjoyment and refinement, rather than for self sacrifice. I’m not saying that we should look for the easy stuff, because we all know that anything worthwhile takes effort. 

I will ask myself: How can exercising be fun and fulfilling? How can I grow with it? Can I make it meaningful? Maybe the same applies to everything, including the goodness of green tea.

Written by Hector

November 2, 2008 at 6:42 pm

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