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One for sorrow, two for joy

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My wife and I went to our first Counting Crows concert. I love the band not only because of their crowish nature, but because I have been listening to them for many years. At the beginning of the concert, my mind was concerned with other things. I was very worried about some personal issues that have arisen lately. The opening band was okay, but I was sure that my mind would be so preoccupied with my life, that I would not manage to enjoy the concert at all. 

When the Crows came on stage, my brain was still busy spinning phantoms, but as the music began to fill the small venue, something began to shift within me, Little by little I began to enjoy myself. I no longer cared about my problems, and the songs became everything. I remembered my teenage years, and the many times I listened to them as me and my friends drove to downtown in order to consume large amounts of coffee–which I no longer drink–I remembered the liberating expansion of the chest the first time I fell in love, and how hard it was to be away from my wife when we were engaged but not yet together. We lived in the opposite sides of the country. I smiled at my own sentimentalism, and held her tight. I was there, just loving her and loving life, and listening to Mr. Jones.  

It was a wonderful night. I think one of the great things about bands like Cowning Cows is that their lyrics are charged with mythical imagery, and their music requires mastery beyond being able to play a few chords. There is harmony and skill in what they do. Thanks to their skill, I was able to escape away from my concerns. 

Occasionally, when I can’t shut my brain up, I listen to music, or read a book. If they are good enough, I leave them feeling refreshed and ready to face the day, as if I had just woken up from a great dream. 

I wonder if I could become as skillful at living in the present as Counting Crows are at playing music. That is not to say that doing so will take my problems away, because one can only face one’s problems by dealing with them, but I find that it is useful to let them go when there isn’t a thing we can do about them. Just make a list of what we can do, resolve to do it, and try to come to terms. In fact, many psychologists suggest that distracting oneself is a great way to deal with the things we cannot control. It takes mastery to be in the present, some times our own–as in zen, or other kinds of meditation– some times the one of a great master like Counting Crows.


Written by Hector

October 31, 2008 at 3:27 am

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  1. Music can solve just about any problem.
    I’m glad you guys had a good time.


    October 31, 2008 at 4:25 pm

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