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Tea Leafs

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I’ve finished The Book of Tea. The last couple of chapters were about flowers and about what it means to be a tea master. Over all, although there were a few archaic ideas, and there were bound to be a few since the book is so old, what I got was that we can have a relationship with the world in it’s every day simplicity. To me, that is gold! There were a few things that I did not agree with, of course, but for the most part, I did learn a lot. 

I’m never going to see my delicious green morning brew the same way again. I think I’m going to bring back “tea time” in to my life, even if only for a half hour during lunch time. 

Thank you for walking the journey of the book along with me. I hope that my posts were useful. I still don’t know what the next topic will be, but I hope that you will come along. I will be posting about it tonight. 

Just to remind everyone, the book is available for free here. It’s a short read, and it can be broken up easily.

As for my own tea habits, here they are:

My favorite kinds of green tea are Sencha, Matcha, and Gyokuro. I prepare my brew in a traditional iron pot, and I drink it with honey and soy milk. I only use loose tea leafs–and pure Matcha without additives. I’m not in to oolong, or white tea, though I know that’s what the cool kids are drinking. I haven’t had coffee in years, and I do not miss the jumpy, jolty feeling it provided. I drink black teas, and oolong rarely. I do not drink white tea. As far as I understand it–I’m not a doctor, so don’t come to me for health advice–tea contains theanine, which is relaxing, and helps concentration when mixed with the caffeine in tea. I think that it may help to reduce anxiety. My ability to focus and to be in the present is a lot better, and I partially have tea to thank for it, but do your own research, as I said, I’m not a medical professional. 

I leave you with this:


Written by Hector

October 24, 2008 at 2:58 pm

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  1. Ha! That video was cute.


    October 26, 2008 at 7:05 pm

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