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I’m reading a chapter of The Book of Tea, which outlines the principles of interior design for a tea house. As far as I understand it, a place should be fanciful, empty, and ever changing. although the author is dealing with the aesthetics of a tea houses, I think we could benefit from his musings. I find that a lot of our homes are charged with fancy. We place posters and drawings of our favorite musicians or religious figures, but we overwhelm the senses with them. We feel the need to put everything we own in display, so that it all eventually become stale, even when we consistently dust it and clean it. Our houses hold no surprises to us, or to guests who have come to see us more than once.

I imagine that it would be interesting to put away most of my decorations and to rotate them and to change them around as fancy strikes. I would have to limit the amount of stuff on display, as to not overwhelm the place, but my house would turn in to an organic experience and an expression of creativity. I wouldn’t try to copy Zen design or architecture, but I’d make stuff fresh and personal, so that people could concentrate on objects. Things just wouldn’t fall in to place, but they’d emerge.I imagine that it would be great to have this kind of order. I could avoid symmetrical composition, which would give everything a sense of movement and vitality. My abode would come to life. 

I think I’d use natural herbs, like lavender, sage, rosemary, and flowers to enliven the smells at home, and I’d always keep plants around. 

Of course, my storage for the things that I am not using would have to be disciplined and careful, least I wish my home to be a hiding place for unmitigated chaos. I think my house would reflect who I am. I never thought of a living space as an ongoing conversation or a work of art. I think this could be fun. 

What do you think?


Written by Hector

October 18, 2008 at 9:43 pm

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