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Requiem for my brain

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It happened yesterday, when, after playing one of those cool Nintendo DS games, I realized that I have not used my brain in a long time. The general feeling of sluggishness and apathy that has prevailed for the last couple of years was but a slight indicator that the emergent engine of my thought was not being put to use.

There was a time when the Universe unfolded before my eyes like a wondrous flower of insight. There was a time when I devoured books on as many subjects as I could in an effort to make sense of it all, but once I felt like I had, I quit thinking, and opted to let things slide by.

I began to watch more TV and to read a little less. I ignored my RSS feeds in favor of easily deigestible idiot news. When I read, I read only things that didn’t require note taking for full understanding. My fiction went from Greg Egan to a few short stories here and there, and I died inside. I quit closing my eyes to see the music around me, because the music around me wasn’t worth looking at.

It is a sad fact that we can be swallowed by the idea that we know enough when there is so much to know. I see knowledge not as the greedy acquisition of facts, but as the addition of movements to the symphony of our existence. We learn not to know, but to experience the fabric of reality as closely as possible. We learn to stand naked ad true before the universe, and I refuse to let my brain die until it can sing no more.

Some of you may think that I am romanticizing the whole learning process, but I feel truly alive only when I can touch the world though my mind. I have no eventual goal for learning, I think that it is foolish to do something just to get ahead, though some times that may happen. No, we learn in order to truly exist, because what we learn connects us to the world, by depicting an accurate model of its majesty. We learn because out imaginations, and our ability to retain small scale universes within our brains makes us human.

So I’m embarking on a journey. I’ll report my findings.


Written by Hector

November 6, 2007 at 1:35 am

2 Responses

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  1. Gar, it’s about time you posted something.
    But in all seriousness, I agree with you. I love learning new things about the world we live in, past and present.
    I don’t know how anyone could be content to stop learning new things.

    Harry Potter

    November 7, 2007 at 3:35 am

  2. “the addition of movements to the symphony of our existence. We learn not to know, but to experience the fabric of reality as closely as possible. …”
    this so resonated for me, thanks for sharing.

    oh! btw, for the last couple of days i’ve had a crow for company just outside my window – always on the same branch. to be honest, i can’t claim to know if it’s the same bird. i had had a lucid flying dream the night before it first took up residence…so
    whilst searching to find any sort of significance for this, metaphysical or natural..i’ve stumbled across your ponderings . don’t you just love the way we can meander on cyberstreet and catch a glimpse of something”soul-shiny” along the path!


    March 31, 2009 at 5:23 pm

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