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I thought that having a month off from school would propel me in to a frenzy of blogging. I visualized and felt my April calendar filled with awesome insight and unsurmountable intelligence and wit. Alas! I discovered Warcraft.

In a way, it is almost unexpected tat a self proclaimed geek like me would refuse to partake in the fantasy game that has stolen a whole generation. Most of my friends play, even my fiancee. I mean, there was really no social barrier between me and the fields of adventure unlocked by this addictive game, but I didn’t want to be sucked in. Mainly, I refused to play, because I thought it would be physically impossible for me to do so. Warcraft’s interface requires two hands, one for the mouse and one to push the arrow keys on the keyboard. I only have one hand.

Having one hand made it impossible to truly enjoy one of the few big mainstream games that didn’t discriminate against my operating system.  Bilzard hasn’t gotten around to create a joystick driver, so I was out of luck.

Lucky for me my fiancee really wanted to play, so she found a thing caled the “speed pad.” I use it because it has a Nintendo like controller that I can manipulate with my arm, so that my hand is free to use the mouse. I think Blizzard should consider the possibility of making their games more accessible, because there will always be a need to accommodate different people to their game environment.

That said, I’ve enjoyed the game. For the first two weeks I did little other than to play, work, eat and exercise, but the thrill passed on. I haven’t played in a week or so, and I don’t miss it much. The game has given me something to talk about with my friends, and it keeps me out of trouble–I tend to buy stuff I don’t need when I’m bored–. I have spent more time with my friends in the west coast (granted, we spent our time together as Taurans), and I’ve had fun. I miss blogging though, so it is nice to be back.


Written by Hector

May 5, 2007 at 1:50 pm

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  1. Is that where you were?! Curse you WoW!! *shakes fist at the air*

    Harry Potter

    May 13, 2007 at 6:52 pm

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