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Let’s show them!

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I wasn’t going to post today, since I have a really bad cold, but I found this online today–thanks, Ken. I thought it was pretty cool. Who is in?

Here is an excerpt from the website. I don’t know if I’m inspired or if my cold is making me suggestible.This is awesome. I think we can make an important statement. The song is pretty good too.

“Podcasting gets little respect from traditional media. To them we’re little more than a joke, than amateurs. What they don’t understand is that podcasting is more than just a delivery mechanism – it’s a social movement. People are sick of the watered-down, cookie-cutter content that networks and record companies expect us to enjoy. People are tired of watching friends and loved ones get sued by record labels who only care about profits and nothing else, not even the artists they supposedly represent.”

Here are two videos. I like the first one better.

Lets do this people!

I’m tagging this with some of the podcasts I listen to to show my appreciation for what these “amateurs” are doing. Thank you guys! You make my day every day.


Written by Hector

March 22, 2007 at 3:37 pm

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