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Vlogs that rule… Er rock.

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Great Vlogs:
Rocketboom: As far as my daily cup of joy goes, Rocketboom fills the quota. I don’t have time to watch it every day, but my Fridays are filled with its quirky coolness–I hoard the episdes. Rocketboom covers news no one else does with a mix of social commentary, humor, and integrity. I enjoy the scope of the show as well as the information it provides.

Jet Set: Jet set is Rocketboom’s sister vodcast. It aims to a younger demographic, but it is equally interesting. If MTV is the mark of this generation’s idiocy, Jet Set is its hope. Sadi, you’re so smart. Like Rocketboom, this vlog links to other great blogs.

Ask a Ninja: Funee. Once, I was stuck in the airport for three hours, and just when I was about to go nuts, I heard laughter. I turned around and saw a girl playing the latest installment of comedic genius that we call “Ask a Ninja.” I downloaded it. Later, a group of stranded passengers sat around the glow of my MacBook. We were smiling. It was great.

Mobuzztv: Thank the gods of geekness for the lack of saccharinity! This is a well produced, not annoying look at tech. Not as quirky as RB or JS, but good enough, and equally cool.

Galacticast: Oh, Galacticast, how do I love thee? Satire, pop culture, Satire, pop culture, repeat. Galacticast brings you the best of the worst of science fiction with a collection of great video skits that will have your jaw opening and closing as you generate that noise humans call laughter.

Stranger Things: If you like the Twilight Zone, this is what you’ve been looking for. It’s the kind of scary that makes you laugh because of it’s absurdity, but wakes you up in the middle of the night as you realize the deeper and more sinester implications of what you just watched. Also, this show is made by non-mainstream media people, which makes it even cooler. This is a format I never thought I’d see in a vlog, but it is here, proving once more, that the net is power.

Ken, I thank you from the depths of my root system for the link. Everyone should listen to you.


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March 16, 2007 at 11:09 pm

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